Cafeteria Mitigation Plan
Jenkins Elementary School Hallway

In order to maximize our mitigation efforts in the Cafeteria/Gym during lunch, we have added more tables to allow for more physical distancing and decreased the number of students sitting at each table during lunch.  Instead of 8 students sitting at each table, there will be 4 students sitting at each table.  Each classroom (K-5) will be assigned 6 tables.  The tables will be numbered 1-36, and the seats for each set of tables will be numbered 1-24, which will coincide with the numbers teachers will assign to their students.  If we should ever run into a situation where a class has more than 25 students, we will add plexiglass to any table where more than 4 students are seated. We have also increased the amount time in between every two classes for arrival to the Cafeteria, which allows students time to self-serve in the lunch lines and will help to eliminate any backup. Students will remove their face coverings while eating and will put them back on as soon as they are finished eating.