Taylor Bentley

Dear Yellow Jackets,

WOW! What a wild school year this has been! Class, as my first "official" year as a fourth grade teacher, you will be a set of students I will ALWAYS remember. You have brought light and laughter to my ❤, and have been able to teach me *almost* as much as I have been able to teach you!

💕Some of my FAVORITE MEMORIES this year💕

1. Going to Hylton High School's planetarium with you all. 
2. Multicultural Night.
3. When we made light bulbs light up in the science lab.
4. When we raced race cars down the hallway to measure speed. 
5. When you made our pillow pet classmate, HAHA. 
6.Surprising you all with friendship bracelets.

Students, stay SAFE, HAPPY, & HEALTHY over the summer break! I hope to see you virtually during summer school, and to those I don't, I can't wait to see you next school year WHEN YOU ARE FIFTH GRADERS 🤗


Love big time,

Mrs. Bentley – Porcelli


Here are some ideas for how students can review and practice from home:


- Read daily for 20-30 minutes. Students can then respond to reading through writing. Ask students to tell you about the characters, setting, and plot of the story or the main idea and details of what they read if they are reading nonfiction. Students can also write a brief summary of what they read and then tell you about it!


- Have students write about their day or experiences they have had (personal narratives). Students may also research a topic and write about it. Another choice is to write about an opinion they have about a topic using the strategy O.R.E.O., which stands for opinion, reasons (3), explanation for reasons, and finally, restate the original opinion.  These are all types of writing we have done so far this year!


Summer Math Activities and Calendar is in English and Spanish and includes a list of online and offline resources for summer math fun, a colorful page of some general ideas for keeping math alive through the summer months, and 2 full “months” of mini math activities. Also attached are directions and game boards and some numeral cards for use with some of the activities.

 Summer Math Activities and Calendar_entering grade 5 2020-2021 Eng-Span.pdf

Students may still practice math using SOLpass.org (password:buzz), Khan Academy (login through Clever on Jenkins webpage under student). We will be implementing a new Math Program called ST Math-this site and program can also be accessed through Clever from the Jenkins webpage under Student!

VA Studies

- Students may use SOLPass to review VA studies concepts. There are excellent games for each unit as well as videos, quizzes and study guides. I also have posted study guides for each unit for printing under the Class Documents tab to the left. 


- Students may use BrainPOP.com and Discovery Education (both accessible through Clever) to review and explore Science Concepts including VA's Natural Resources, Weather, The Solar System, Earth/Moon/Sun relationships, Force and Motion, Electricity and Magnetism, and Ecosystems.