Sara Steven

PARENT INFORMATION: The health and safety of all students remain a top priority for our First-Grade teachers and we hope that everyone is doing well and practicing safe habits during this time away from school. In addition, the first-grade team has compiled a list of helpful online resources and tools to help parents foster engaging learning environments at home. So please visit our classroom webpages regularly for weekly updates and information regarding our new distance learning objectives. Parents will have access to a home learning calendar and online tools to help support their child's academic goals. And as always please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s classroom teacher by email ( or ClassDojo if you have any questions regarding the standards highlighted or the online websites that have been provided. Thank you in advance for your support and continue to stay healthy and safe. 

Home Learning Resources: Division Digital Resources 

PWCS uses a single sign-on portal called, Clever, that allows students to easily access approved resources and tools without creating multiple login credentials.  Student Access to Clever

I encourage our students to engage in learning outside of the classroom through these activities and online resources, all activities are available in our Clever app.  You will find the Clever link on our web page under the Student icon.

Read a good book online withMyON- automatic sign in through clever. 

Check out BrainPOP Jr- an animated educational site for kids. 

Discovery Education- students sign in with their computer username and password. 

PebbleGo- informational articles, ready-made activities, and literacy supports 

Additional Resources: 

 - Visit epic!  and enter our class codesgx3241 to discover childern's books and videos. 

 Scholastics Learn at Home

Under the class documents tab, you will find more additional resources. 

MATH Objectives:

  • Daily math routines- money, time and calendar skills
  • Counting, writing, representing, ordering and comparing numbers 
  • Place Value (tens and ones)
  • Single-step word problems
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Data and Tally Charts 
  • Balancing Equations


  • Investigating new words helps to grow vocabulary
  • Talking about a text helps them to better understand it
  • A reader can use clues in the text to figure out the meaning of a
    new word.
  • The purpose of descriptive words in text.
  • How descriptive words help to make the text clearer
  • Connections can be made between ourselves and text

Key Vocabulary:

poem, poet, poetry, describe, descriptive words, adjective, vocabulary, infer, inference, connection, personal, text, reread