Week of May 25

Time to start preparing your instrument to be returned to school!

  • Clear out your case of any personal belongings.
  • Be sure to LOOSEN your bow:) and put it securely in the case.
  • Violins and violas, remove your shoulder rest.   Keep it in the case if it belongs to the school.
  • Wipe Rosin off of your instrument and strings with a clean, dry cloth.
  • Remove your personal name tag.  Please use masking tape to label the case with your name.
  • Return your Strings book only if it belongs to the school.
  • Keep your Strings folder and all sheet music.  Do not return any loose papers.
  • Thank-you and be on the look out for more information about how and and when to return your instrument!




Week of May 18

Writing prompt for Strings!  Please choose one sentence starter or the other and send in an email to Mrs. Kline at klinelx@pwcs.edu

***My favorite 5th grade memory from Strings was....


***My goal for 6th grade music is...


 Week of May 11

Have Fun Playing  Open D and Open G with the track to "Best Day"!



Week of May 4

May the Fourth Be With You!



Week of April 27

A new game to check out!
Choose: "Pick Your Game"
Note Names
Pick Your Instrument
Challenge yourself to Pass Level A and get Promoted to Level B
You must be Accurate & Fast to get promoted:)


 Week of April 20

Have you figured out how to play "Baby Shark" on your instrument?
It uses only open D, first finger E, repeated G, and finishes with one F#.
Give it a try!  If you want to view some fun videos of "Baby Shark" be sure and check out my Useful Links.


Greetings from your 5th Grade “Strings” Teacher!

My name is Lisa Kline and I’m excited to introduce interested 5th graders to the wonderful world of instrumental music and group performance! I come to Elementary Strings with many happy years of experience teaching orchestra at various levels, but my favorite place to be is in the Beginning Strings Classroom---because that’s where it all starts!

During this time of being apart from one another, I encourage Strings students to continue on their musical journey!  If you have your instrument at home, keep on playing it...because remember, the purpose of practice is to make it EASY!  If you like, continue with, or even begin, the "50 Day Practice Challenge".  Set your own practice goals, and share musical accomplishments with your family and friends in creative and safe ways:)

Visit Essential Elements Audio #2-32 (YouTube) to find guided practice to go along with your Essential Elements book.  This is a terrific way to review all the playing and reading skills that we developed in Strings class this year.  (These audio recordings were created by one of our awesome Prince William County Strings Specialists!)                                                                                       

If you do not currently have your instrument at home with you, find listening opportunities for classical orchestra performances in my "Documents" section, or search out classical radio stations as well as other formats.

At this point in the year, we each have instrumental skills that allow us to play a D-Major Scale as well as several musical selections which we had been preparing for our upcoming concerts.  Perhaps you could create a family event to perform your own "mini-concert".  Record yourself and keep it for the future, or share it with a relative!

As always, parents may reach out to me at klinelx@pwcs.edu with any questions, concerns, or simply to share what's happening musically in your home!





Week of April 13

Use your knowledge of the D-Major Scale to learn to play the G-Major Scale!

Check out "G-Major Pizzicato" under my Documents for a guided practice.