Amanda Dingman


Hello my loves! I have spoken with many parents and I am so happy to hear that you are working and learning at home!  Keep practicing writing your name, identifying letters and sounds, counting, and breathing!  


Hello my loves!  I hope that you all showed your moms some extra love yesterday for Mother's Day!  I spent my Mother's Day with Claudia and Olivia, and of course Mr. Dingman! The weather was so beautiful and we spent the entire afternoon outside! First I planted some flowers and then we played badminton and volleyball.  It was so funny because we were all so bad at it! For dinner we had my favorite: TACOS from my favorite restaurant!  You know how much I LOVE tacos and nachos! 

We will no longer be using Zoom for our class meetings.  I will be sending an email with the details.  

The weather will be beautiful this week so be sure to get outside and play!!!  Remember: we love you and we miss you!


Hello my loves!  More friends are joining us for our class meetings.  It is so wonderful to see all of your faces!  I hope to see more of you!  


Hello everyone!  Class meeting started last week.  We were happy to see some of our friends!  As we continue on this "virtual class meetings journey" we may make some changes/adjustments.  In order for everyone to get the most out of our meetings, we have established some ground rules: 

Parents, please sit with your child during the meeting.  It is important that your child is listening and paying attention.

Please explain to siblings that this is your preschooler's class time. If a sibling is helping with technology or a younger sibling is joining, please make sure that they are quiet and not distracting. Please minimize background noise (TV, music, other people talking, etc)

Our schedule will look like this for each meeting:

Hellos and sharing homework while waiting for others to join.

Brain Smart Start (movement and singing)


Lesson Review

Application Activity (this will be like homework that they will bring to the next class meeting)

Please remember that this is a learning curve for all of us so please be patient with us and your child. 


Hello everyone!  We miss you so so much!  Sometimes I ask Alexa to play "Super Heroes Unite" just so I can feel like we are together.  PWCS has entered Phase 4 of our distance learning plan.  Each week I will post activities for you do at home. These activities are just like the home school connections that we would send home every week (the yellow "homework".  If you have limited access to internet or data, I suggest that you take a screen shot of the entire week so you will have easy access to it during the week and won't have to worry about using data.  Please be sure to check our class web page at least once a week!

I am SUPER excited to announce that we will have class meetings on Zoom on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1pm!!  I will send the zoom link.  You can access zoom on a smart phone, a tablet, or a computer.  During our class meetings we will be able to SEE each other, catch up, connect and build on what we have already learned this year!  We will sing songs, read books, practice math and letters!  Each zoom meeting will last about 20 minutes. This is an GREAT way for us to stay connected!! It is my goal to have as many of my students to participate in the zoom meeting as possible, but parents please make sure that you are present, too!  Also know that for my own protection I will be recording the zoom sessions. I will not share the zoom sessions.  

I am always available for families via email, but my official "office hour " is Wednesday from 1-2.   If you have a question or concern please don't wait until Wednesday to contact me!  I am here for you! 

I can't wait to see all of my little loves! 


Weekly home school connections are posted under the documents tab on the left

Class Zoom meetings are Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1. We will start on this Thursday 

Office hours are Wednesday 1-2