Dear families,

Thank you for being so supportive during this time.  I am so happy with how many of you are sending me your incredible work and communicating with me on a regular basis.  I love seeing everyone at our zoom meetings!  That being said, we will be transitioning from zoom meetings to having meetings via Microsoft Teams.  I will be reaching out to help with this transition.  We are still recommending that students focus on one subject per day for 60 minutes. I'll continue to host meetings every Tuesday and Wednesday from 1:00-2:00 so students and parents can ask any questions they have about the plans. I will continue to post announcements via ClassDojo. Students may visit school sponsored websites through their Clever to engage in additional educational activities. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via phone, class dojo, or email. Please tell your child that I love them and miss them so much! 


Mrs. Shpil


Topics to Review at home


  • Geometry
  • Place Value up to 999,999
  • Making Change (up to $5)
  • Reading a clock
  • Reading a thermometer 
  • Patterns (Growing & Repeating) 


  • Read Non-Fiction Texts
    • Ask questions before, during, and after reading 
    • Make a K-W-L chart 
    • Write a research paper about what you read
    • Keep a list of vocabulary words that you learned
  • Character Traits of characters in a fiction story
  • Theme in Fiction Text
  • Dictionary Skills 
  • Putting words in ABC order